Recent blogs I wrote/co-wrote not on this site:


I realized as this following blog went live that over the past year or two I’ve written, co-written, or participating in writing as many blogs that aren’t on this site as on it.  For completeness in my own mind, I’m posting here the set of links to each of them.

Jul 2022

Modernization is a must in a #multicloud world, but it needs to be done in a way that provides clients with choice and flexibility to enable a truly meaningful #transformation. That demands the right technology, skills and support to execute and succeed. They need to execute that modernization in a way that manages important issues like #security, vendor lock-in and #resiliency. This is where #RedHat comes in:

  1. May 2022

Just 1/4 of Canadian businesses have a workable management strategy for their hybrid multicloud infrastructure. Here’s how the right skills & experience can help:

  • Sep 2021

Public Sector Network (Certified B Corp) turned a talk that Todd Wilson,  Pascale Duguay and I did on cloud for public sector into a blog post.  

  • July 2021 – Hybrid Cloud: The New Normal for Enterprise Transformation

In this blog I talk about why #HybridCloud is the new normal for Enterprise Transformation and how to manage and succeed in that multi-cloud world with a strategy that drives a single experience. Check it out here:

  • June 2021 – How to be a Transformational CIO

This was a great conversation on how the pandemic has affected digital business transformation and the role of the CIO. Thanks to Elevate for arranging it (and turning it into a blog) and to Michael Krigsman for sharing the global perspective. And thanks to all the CIOs who participated.  

After that  Elevate session, my team and I put together a video taking some of the above discussion further (with Ted Tritchew and Hilary McVey, MPNL):

  • Spring 2020 – Digital Transformation:  Lessons from the Hybrid Cloud Journey

Not a blog, a video chat with my colleague (and now Kyndryl employee) Charlotte Wang. We spoke about our own lessons learned helping clients on their various cloud journeys.

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With over 20 years of consulting experience I've worked with clients in the banking, retail, travel and government sectors. Based in Toronto, Canada, currently I lead the Cloud consulting team for IBM Canada. I've led successful project and program teams in Canada, the US, and Europe of more than 200 people. Thoughts, comments and mistakes are most definitely my own!

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